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Please help other customers to make an informed purchase decision by sharing your experience with my products and whether you'd recommend them. Be sure to focus your comments on the product itself (not just the style and look of my pattern designs).

I'd love to hear what you think of my products that you've purchased, so for every review you write, you'll be entered into a monthly draw to win a free pattern of your choice (or a $5 gift certificate)! To be entered:

  1. Log into your PlanetJune account
  2. Find the page of the item you wish to review in my shop
  3. Click the Reviews tab
  4. Click write a review, and submit your review!

Thanks so much for leaving your honest reviews - they really help me out :)

Past winners

Draw Winner Pattern chosen
August 2023 could be you... ???
July 2023 Lorna M TBA
June 2023 Monica B Oak Leaf Collection & Life-Sized Acorn
May 2023 Alice R PlanetJune Gift Certificate
April 2023 no reviews n/a
March 2023 Leah A Horse
February 2023 Alexandra D Pansies
January 2023 Denise H Mushroom Collection
December 2022 Sam J AmiCats Tabby
November 2022 Judy C PlanetJune Gift Certificate
October 2022 Kimberly B Badger
September 2022 Catherine H PlanetJune Gift Certificate
August 2022 Tina P PlanetJune Gift Certificate
July 2022 Kaitlin S PlanetJune Gift Certificate
June 2022 Leanne G African Violets
May 2022 Otto N AquaAmi Sea Turtle
April 2022 Natasha V Stegosaurus
March 2022 Ruth L Primroses
February 2022 Chandler C Christmas Cactus
January 2022 Jane C Turtle Beach Blanket (Classic Blue Version)
December 2021 Rebecca K Owl Collection
November 2021 Desiree S Sloth
October 2021 Joan M Capybara
September 2021 Desley M Summer Days Sunhat
August 2021 Elise M AquaAmi Sea Lion
July 2021 Peggy B PlanetJune Gift Certificate
June 2021 Kelly G PlanetJune Gift Certificate
May 2021 Joann P PlanetJune Gift Certificate
April 2021 Kristin G Lucky Bamboo
March 2021 Beth D PlanetJune Gift Certificate
February 2021 Cheryl M Crochet Phone Stand
January 2021 Sara B Aliens
December 2020 Diane H Stegosaurus
November 2020 no reviews n/a
October 2020 Jane W Bearded Dragon
September 2020 Miriam P Farmyard Goats
August 2020 Robin N Heart Cactus Collection
July 2020 Alexandria D TBA
June 2020 Davina K AmiDogs Chihuahua
May 2020 Crystal E PlanetJune Gift Certificate
April 2020 Dena S Giant Panda
March 2020 Susan D PlanetJune Gift Certificate
February 2020 Shaniko K Succulent Collection 3
January 2020 Sara B PlanetJune Gift Certificate
December 2019 Dawn Rebecca G Emperor Penguin
November 2019 Monica B PlanetJune Gift Certificate 
October 2019 Chris W Pansies
September 2019 no reviews n/a
August 2019 Pam H Alpaca
July 2019 Peggy B PlanetJune Gift Certificate
June 2019 Lois P PlanetJune Gift Certificate 
May 2019 Heidi W Mini Mammals
April 2019 Monica B Bearded Dragon
March 2019 Donna L PlanetJune Gift Certificate
February 2019 Judy C Beaver
January 2019 Beth T PlanetJune Gift Certificate
December 2018 Chantale P Meerkat
November 2018 no reviews n/a
October 2018 Beth M AquaAmi Sea Turtle
September 2018 Kendra H Gecko
August 2018 Kimberly R Pansies
July 2018 Donna P Guinea Fowl
June 2018 Jaji G PlanetJune Gift Certificate
May 2018 Aleksandra S Fennec Fox
April 2018 Betty H Heart Cactus Collection
March 2018 Ana S Baby Cephalopods 1
February 2018 Rachel H Chameleon
January 2018 Sara B Armadillo
December 2017 Alice Y PlanetJune Gift Certificate
November 2017 Rachelle Y Succulent Collection 1
October 2017 Sarahmarie S Ice Cream Bear
September 2017 Kristin G Farmyard Goats
August 2017 Sherry O Fuzzy Bear
July 2017 Lyndal W Poison Dart Frog
June 2017 Gemma H Primroses
May 2017 Alicia B AmiDogs Miniature Schnauzer
April 2017 Jackie M Capybara
March 2017 Rose M Iguana
February 2017 Francesca B Meerkat
January 2017 no reviews n/a
December 2016 Louise J Sloth
November 2016 Heidi W Kingfisher
October 2016 Holly M Fuzzy Bunny & Chick
September 2016
September 2016
September 2016
Jackie M
Guinevere M
Nuria A
Christmas Trees
Cascading Clusters Shawl
August 2016 Verna H Magic Lamp
July 2016 Peggy G Black Bear
June 2016 Melissa J Pine Cone Collection
May 2016 Judy C Palm Leaves Triangular Shawl
April 2016 Annette H Pansies
March 2016 Megan W Triceratops
February 2016 Virginia B Kingfisher
January 2016 Josh C AquaAmi Sea Turtle
December 2015 Elizabeth L Guinea Fowl
November 2015 Linda S AmiDogs Scottish Terrier
October 2015 Alexa B Platypus
September 2015 Jaclyn M Fuzzy Monkeys
August 2015 Katherine W Baby Sea Turtle Collection
July 2015 Jaclyn M AmiDogs Corgi
June 2015 Heather R Baby Guinea Pigs
May 2015 Jennifer B AquaAmi Sea Lion
April 2015 Judy C Armadillo
March 2015 Rachel G Baby Cephalopods Set 1
February 2015 Janet Y Red Panda
January 2015 Alexa B AquaAmi Sea Turtle
December 2014 Simone N Red Fox
November 2014 Andrea M Gecko
October 2014 Becky G Gift Boxes
September 2014 Chevelle G AmiDogs Jack Russell Terrier
August 2014 Peggy G Farmyard Pigs
July 2014 Stacey H Red Panda
June 2014 Jessica C Iguana
May 2014 Rebecca D Sloth
April 2014 Lisa J Primroses
March 2014 Jennifer B PocketAmi Set 3: Halloween
February 2014 Heather L Easter Eggs
January 2014 Alicia B Ring-Tailed Lemur
December 2013 Jeanne S Emperor Penguin
November 2013 Aimee N Climbing Eyelets Triangular Shawl
October 2013 Alison J Brown/Grizzly Bear
September 2013 Angela N Poison Dart Frog
August 2013 Jeanne S Stegosaurus
July 2013 Sarah M AquaAmi Sea Turtle
June 2013 Susanna V Magic Lamp
May 2013 Kathryn P Sea Otter
April 2013 Kim W Diamond Flowers Scarf/Wrap
March 2013 Susan S Aardvark
February 2013 Sara T Fuzzy Lamb
January 2013 Emily W AmiDogs Scottish Terrier
December 2012 Nicole D Fuzzy Monkeys
November 2012 Diane G Fuzzy Monkeys
October 2012 Jamie S Pteranodon
September 2012 Brigitta W Fuzzy Monkeys
August 2012 Carrolyn A Fuzzy Bunny & Chick
July 2012 Aleksandra S AquaAmi Sea Turtle
June 2012 Haley B Fuzzy Seal
May 2012 Yasmin L Fuzzy Monkeys
April 2012 Erica A Christmas Baubles
March 2012 Hannah B AquaAmi Dolphin
February 2012 Katalin G Chinchilla
January 2012 Linda U African Violets
December 2011 Rianne d Emperor Penguin
November 2011 Kim D Christmas Baubles
October 2011 Holly M Fuzzy Lamb
September 2011 Judy C Yeti and Bigfoot
August 2011 Guinevere M Chinchilla
July 2011 Monica B Farmyard Pigs
June 2011 Heather L Ankylosaurus
May 2011 Mary Z AmiDogs Beagle
April 2011 Rebecca P Stegosaurus
March 2011 Mallaurie S Fuzzy Ferret
February 2011 Anne R Fuzzy Lamb
January 2011 Rita G Easter Eggs
December 2010 Meg P PocketAmi Set 5: Easter
November 2010 Heather H Christmas Baubles
October 2010 Crystal V PocketAmi Set 4: Christmas
September 2010 Amanda M Fuzzy Kitten
August 2010 Cora S Christmas Trees
July 2010 Cheryl D Alpaca
June 2010 Vicki S AmiDogs Airedale Terrier
May 2010 Michelle T Fuzzy Monkeys
April 2010 Katie U Fuzzy Bunny & Chick