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Detail Stuffing Tool Handle

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Apart from bookplates and stickers, which are always available, the PlanetJune online pop-up Crochet Tools shop opens for a couple of weeks, once or twice a year, for you to buy my exclusive Detail Stuffing Tools and other unique and useful tools. Sign up here to be notified when the Crochet Tools shop next opens!

If you've ever wished your stuffing tool was just that little bit longer or stronger, the Detail Stuffing Tool Handle is just what you need! Made from high quality aluminium, the handle is strong, lightweight, rustproof, and will last a lifetime.

How to Use: Simply insert your stuffing tool into one end of the handle, then gently push it while giving it a slight twist. It'll hold itself in place even while the tool is in use, while still being easy to pull out if you want to swap tools or handles.

to hold the tool in place, push and twist it into the handle

If you want to lock your stuffing tool permanently into the handle, you can use a pair of pliers to gently crimp the handle at the neck of the tool.
to permanently lock the tool in place, gently crimp the neck with pliers

The Detail Stuffing Tool Handle is available as a standard 4"/10cm length, an extra-long 6"/15cm version, or a value pack of both lengths.

  • The standard handle gives your tool added strength and longevity, plus over an inch of extra length so you can place your stuffing further into your amigurumi with ease.
  • The extra long handle gives your tool added strength and longevity, plus over three inches of extra length - perfect for those larger amigurumi!

Please note: This listing is for the stuffing tool handle only! If you don't already have a Detail Stuffing Tool, don't forget to buy one to use with your handle :)

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Detail Stuffing Tool Handle :

Starting at: USD $3.00