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Commissions FAQ

Note: This FAQ is a work in progress - please contact me with any questions that aren't addressed below, and I'll add them here!

How Pattern Commissions Work:

Your Pledges:


How Pattern Commissions Work:

How Does The Commission Process Work?
The price for a new commissioned design from this list is $300 (minus the pre-pledge amount, if applicable), which may be split between up to 50 people. You can pledge the amount you're willing to pay for the pattern commission (from $6 to $300). When all $300 is pledged, all previously fully-funded designs have been completed, and the next commissions slot is available, the pledges for the next fully-funded design will be locked-in; that means I'll collect all the payments for that design and create the pattern for you. The finished crochet pattern will be automatically added to your PlanetJune account once the design is complete.

How Long Does a Commission Take?
Expected time to completion will be 1-3 months after all payments are received, depending on when inspiration strikes - no PlanetJune pattern is ever released until I'm satisfied it's as good as I can possibly make it; if there's a choice between speed and quality, I'll take the extra time to make sure your design is perfect!

Why Can People Cancel Their Pledges?
In the previous iteration of the Commissions system, pledges remained indefinitely (unless the pledger emailed me to ask to cancel them). This had the unforeseen consequence that you could have made a pledge months or years before the design became fully-pledged, and then suddenly received an unexpected invoice from me! Thus, you can now manage all your pledges from your PlanetJune account, and delete any unlocked pledges that you no longer wish to keep. It's fully automated and I'll never know you've done it - no need for any guilt or explanations.

Can I Suggest a New Animal?
Suggestions and requests are always welcome! Please fill out the Suggestions form so I can log your ideas.

Why Isn't My Suggestion on the List?
There are two main reasons why I may not have added your suggestion to the commissions list. Firstly, I only add new options whenever I do a commissions review, once or twice per year (sign up for the Commissions News mailing list and I'll let you know when the next review has occurred!) Secondly, I only add design ideas to the commissions list when I'm certain I'll be able to create them. Designs that may require me to develop new shape/colour techniques aren't good candidates for commissions, as, if things don't go smoothly, I may not be able to fulfill the request within a reasonable timeframe.

Can You Keep Me Updated About Commissions?
Yes! Please sign up for the Commissions News mailing list, and I'll send you email updates whenever a new commissions timeslot is available, and whenever I add new animals to the options available for commission.

Your Pledges:

How Do I Make a Pledge?
You can make (and manage) pledges automatically through your PlanetJune account. Log in and you'll see the Commissions options in 'My Account'.

How Much Do I Have To Pledge?
You may pledge any full dollar amount between the $6 minimum and the full $300 total. Make your best pledge to give your favourite design its best chance of being made!

Is a Pledge a Final Commitment?
Yes and no! Your pledge indicates your intention to pay that amount towards the commission of the design in question, should that design become fully-funded. But, your pledge will only become locked-in at such time as the design is a) fully pledged and b) at the top of the queue. This gives you the freedom to pledge as much as you like towards as many designs as you like, without the worry that you'll be stuck with a pledge you made months or years ago - you can log into your PlanetJune account and change or delete any unlocked pledges at any time until that commission is ready to begin.

Can I See a List of All My Pledges?
Yes, you can view (and change) all your existing pledges from your PlanetJune account. Log into your account and you'll see the Commissions options in 'My Account'.

Can I Change the Value of a Pledge?
Yes, you can. Your pledge will only become locked-in at such time as the design is a) fully pledged and b) at the top of the queue. Any other pledges are available for you to raise or lower. You can log into your PlanetJune account and change any unlocked pledges at any time.

Can I Cancel a Pledge?
Yes, you can. Your pledge will only become locked-in at such time as the design is a) fully pledged and b) at the top of the queue. Any other pledges are available for you to cancel. You can log into your PlanetJune account and delete any unlocked pledges at any time.


Can I Commission a Finished Item From You?
I'm a designer and writer; I don't have time to make handmade items to sell, but if you're looking to commission a finished PlanetJune item, please see the Sellers' List and directly commission one of my customers who sell items made from my patterns.

Can I Make a Private Commission From You?
If you'd like to commission a pattern for something you don't see on the Design Options page, see my FAQ on private commissions for details, or complete the suggestions form if you'd like me to add your suggestion to the options here.

How Do I Know Which Variety of The Animal You'll Make?
To keep the Design Options page easy to view, I've just put the main animal name in the commissions list. If there are several varieties of that animal and you want to know what I have in mind, look at the Animal Photo Gallery (further down the Design Options page), which gives you an indication of the variety of the animal I'm planning to make, should it be commissioned. For more information, click the photo to visit its Wikipedia page.

What Will the Finished Design Look Like?
If commissioned, I'll make the pattern in typical PlanetJune style, in a way that balances realism, cuteness, and ease of crocheting (like my completed commissions, pictured on the How It Works page!) For more insight, you can read more about my design process in my Meerkat Design report series.

What's a Bidding War?
Once I announce the date I'm available to start the next commission, that's your chance to get one of your favourite animals designed straight away! So make your best pledge for all the designs you'd like to commission, and whichever hits the jackpot first will become my next commissioned pattern. (You can then delete all your other pledges, if you prefer, so you won't be committed to all your pledges - only the pledge for the winning design.)

What's a Locked Pledge?
Locked pledges are final and can no longer be changed or cancelled. Your pledge will only become locked-in at such time as the design is a) fully pledged and b) at the top of the queue. Only the first fully-funded design will be locked and created. No further pledges will be locked-in until I've completed the previous design, published the pattern, and announced the date of the next commissions slot (so you can still delete any other pledges, even if the design is fully-funded).

What's a Pre-Pledge?
While most of the animals on the list of options have general appeal, the designs that are similar to others I've already made (e.g. a new dog breed) are mostly of interest to people who have an interest in that specific breed. The pre-pledge acts as a discounted commission price on these designs, so, for example, a $300 commission with a pre-pledge of $180 needs only another $120 to become fully pledged.

Other Questions?

Please contact me with any other questions and I'll add them to this FAQ!

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