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Balancing business and health

One of the biggest challenges of a one-person business is there’s nobody else who can keep things going when you can’t. Taking a couple of sick days here and there isn’t a problem, but managing chronic health conditions is a challenge I haven’t found a solution for. I’ve battled to keep going through serious eczema breakouts, 8 months of knee pain, and now 2 months of viral bronchitis.

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a huge project: my first amigurumi ebook, featuring a collection of 6 brand new patterns. My goal was to complete the project by the end of October, in plenty of time for people to make the patterns as gifts for Christmas, but I’ve had to keep moving the deadline as the virus persisted and I just couldn’t get myself back up to speed.

And yesterday was the last straw: my garden sanctuary was invaded again by burglars (there’s nothing of value in my garden, so they hopped over to next door and stole their copper water pipes, leaving their garden full of gushing water). I feel violated and it’s brought all those post-burglary fears back. I’m at the absolute end of my energy reserve: I’m still sick, my knee is in constant pain, and now this…

I have no more strength left to draw on to push through this latest obstacle. There’s just no way I can complete my ebook at the moment to a standard I’d be happy with, and it’s become obvious that I’m not going to get over this virus unless I set my work completely aside and focus on me. I need to retreat from everything and get myself properly healthy – this endless struggle is just too much.

So I’ve decided I have to put PlanetJune on minimum operations for the rest of the year. Luckily, I’ve got my business to the point where it almost runs itself – my daily administration is very minimal now I’ve streamlined the shop to make ordering and downloading automatic and easy for everyone, and my FAQs and crochet help pages have the answer to almost every question you may have. If you need further assistance, our community in the PlanetJune Ravelry group is always ready to provide friendly help. And I’ll still be around, if there’s anything you need from me personally – I’m not abandoning you!

In the new year, I’ll return as a (hopefully) much happier and healthier June, ready to dazzle you with my new pattern collection! And, in the meantime, it’s time to let PlanetJune run itself as much as possible, while I rest and read and knit and breathe, and let my body and mind heal. I really need this. Thanks for understanding.


  1. Andrea said

    Hi June,

    only now did I read about both your health and burglar issues and am very sorry to hear that. I hope that the upcoming holidays will bring some strength back so that you can fully recover.
    I want to wish you happy holidays and lots of luck and success with your book project, you are doing such wonderful designs!

    All the best from Germany,

  2. Janet said

    Hope you regain your health and energy soon.

  3. Serena Pullen said

    Hi June,
    Just want to say how much I love your patterns, and all the effort you put into making this such an easy and satisfying place to visit.

    Also to endorse all the above messages from all your loving friends.

    And PLEASE get a dog!!! They do help you to get better, as well as protecting you.

    Much love, and looking forward to your new book. It can be a late Christmas present !!!!

  4. Theresa said

    Big hugs. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Wilma said

    Hi. I’ve just found your page today and really like it so I’m sorry to hear of your health issues and unfortunate circumstances. I can see that you are so well thought off and I’m sure all these positive comments will help support you. I hope you feel much better soon!

  6. Holly said

    Oh no! Another burglary! I hope you feel safe and healthy again ASAP! I’m glad you’re able to let the site mostly run itself so you can get a much needed break.

    We can take care of ourselves for a couple of months. Focus on getting better and enjoying the holidays!

  7. Eileen said

    Hi June, so sorry to hear you are having so many health problems! I am always “running” to your site for reinforcement of one or another of your wonderful techniques. I was just relearning your invisible finish when I saw your news.
    Please take good care and know that many are thinking about you and wishing you well. I hope you get a good rest and come back to us feeling much better. Prayers going up for you from this fan in Old Bridge NJ USA.


  8. Hi June I have just found your lovely site and I am sorry to hear that you are not well. I will have fun browsing your archives and looking at your site but, in the meantime, take the next few weeks to rest and recuperate. I hope you feel loads better soon xxx Kathryn

  9. Miriam Paschetto said

    June, yes please do take care of yourself! I know it can be hard to stop and focus on resting and healing but it’s important. What with the amazing medicines we have now I think it’s easy to forget how much being sick can drain us. For a while in my early 20s I had several bouts of bad bronchitis and also pneumonia – NOT fun. I didn’t want to slow down, either. Bronchitis is such a strain on your lung tissues, you need to rest and recover!

    We, your fans, understand and support you! You are a such a joy to have in the blogosphere.

  10. mevs said

    I am so sorry to hear that you are so stressed out and that it is affecting your health. I just discovered your wonderful youTube demos for left handed crochet and they are so helpful to me and other lefties. Your work is beautiful and I appreciate your efforts tremendously. I certainly hope things improve for you, getting robbed like that is an horrific experience.
    Thank you

  11. Jean said

    Sometimes the hardest decision is the one to take care of yourself – with all the demands we all have on our time. Prayers for healing as you take this well deserved break and allow your body to take the time it needs to get well.

  12. Suzanne said

    We all have times like this, when we think that if we just keep going it will all turn out. The hardest thing is to know when to stop. Rest, recover & come back stronger than ever…but first let yourself heal! Sending healing thoughts your way…

  13. Carolyn Buck said

    You are definitely making the right decision. Best wishes to you for a full recovery.

  14. mrpeanut said

    You poor thing!
    I get bronchitis easily. My last big bout was in January when my husband was in hospital with pneumonia and his 4th heart attack. I’ve been a victim of violence and been in back pain since 1998. Also surgery for cancer in June.
    I’ve learned you have to let yourself be sick to get well.
    No, I’m done-is something I really had to learn to say.
    I was always someone’s caretaker; now it has to be me.
    You will recover, just give yourself the time, and don’t put a limit on it.
    Your fans will wait.

  15. Alicia said

    Take the time you need to heal. Nothing else matters in the end but your health and family.

    • Raquel said

      I’ve found you and this blog some months ago and I love your work. You also seem such a nice person. I hope you can rest and be happy. If you need a stranger to talk (sometimes it’s easier), you can count on me 😉
      Take care!

  16. Nicole said

    I wish you well and hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself and we will look forward to hearing from you in the new year!

  17. Jana said

    you are absolutely doing the right thing! You MUST take care of yourself first. I’m so sorry those burglars invade your fragile peace of mind again! South Africa is a beautiful, but not very safe place, unfortunately. You should take this time to think about a dog again. I felt better when Rachel and Chris lived there, knowing they had two wonderful dogs living with them.

  18. Gillian McM said

    It’s time for us to give back to you, June, by sending you healing thoughts. You bring so much pleasure to so many people. Be well, have a happy Christmas, and we’ll all look forward to knowing you’re feeling better. Best wishes.

  19. Oh June such terrible news to hear. Please get well and take care of yourself. You have been such an inspiration to me and so many others, we are pulling for you and look forward to your return! Take care, Jen

  20. Sabry Cinciut said

    Take care of your self! I adore your patterns and all your efforts to make them so clear and simply.
    Thank you so much for simply being June!!!

  21. Sharon said

    Dear June,
    I’m glad you are taking time off to heal. Your health is so important and I wish you comfort and healing in the coming weeks and months.

    I’m saddened to hear that someone would violate your personal property and I just cannot imagine how that would make one feel.

    Hugs to you and get well soon.

    by the way, I love your books and have purchased two of them through Amazon. Your written instructions are so easy to follow! thank you for all the hard work you put into your craft.


  22. Aine said

    Dear June,
    If only we lived “just around the corner”; I would visit with soup and hot tea with lemon and honey and maybe something sweet.
    Please, if you haven’t already, get a flu shot and a pneumonia shot. As an empty nest mama I worry about my internet friends.
    Be well, stay strong,
    Sending warm, gentle hugs via cyberspace.

  23. Jacqueline said

    june..having gone through a very dark phase these last few years I understand your need to care for yourself. Discovering Planet June & your creations was a bright light for love yourself and return when you are healthy..

  24. D McP said

    Take care of yourself and feel better soon xxx

  25. Jazz said

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  26. Martha Ferreira said

    Taking time to heal is the best thing you can do. You will come back strong and with great new ideas and the energy to do them. You will be missed.

  27. Carol Tummon said

    Hi June,

    I wish you all the best in your bid for recovery. I know how debilitating ill-health is and as a result I am now unemployed.

    Take the time to take care of YOU!

    All the very best.


  28. Becky Gaar said

    Hi June, well I completely understand I had bronchitis this summer and it knocked me for a complete loop. I hope you feel better soon rest is really what will help. I’m sorry about burglars that’s scary! I love all my patterns you really are a great artist. Have a great holiday and lots of tea and rest.????

  29. Christine said

    Goodness, it’s been a rough year for you, yes rest is the best medicine and I sincerely hope you feel better soon, your health is the most important thing. Have a wonderful and restful Holiday.

  30. Sara T (PixyKayte) said

    I’m so sorry it has gotten this bad, June. I am sending hugs and good vibes for health and a full recovery. You are an amazing individual and I support you taking the best care of yourself that you possibly can.

  31. Susan C said

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Take what time you need, its important for you and your family. People will continue to follow you and check in. (Like me!). Have an awesome holiday with your family

  32. Miriam said

    Have you been given the diagnosis for your specific type of eczema? They don’t all have the same solutions, so if your doctor hasn’t told you, have them tell you which type it is. I have sebhorreic dermatitis (caused by skin oil imbalance) and it is completely different than the more common atopic eczema (mostly caused by allergies). Because one is caused by allergies, it has different treatments.

    Sorry everything has been crazy. Good luck relaxing and taking time for you.

  33. Lisa Schwartz said

    June, I am so sorry to hear that the burglars were back in your area. I am glad they did not get beyond your garden, but I know it still must have been traumatic. You are making the right decision to take the time to let yourself heal and recover (physically and emotionally).

    Your fans and friends will still be here when you are ready to come back to normal. If there is anything we can do to help you in to meantime, don’t hesitate to let us know. Of course we are excited at the prospect of new patterns, but you are far more important than your patterns.

  34. Riah said

    Get well soon! Your health comes first before anything. I hope you get the break you’ve needed. I’m sure everyone will be supportive in this. Good luck~

  35. Tamie Crist said

    Rest up June and take care of yourself. Your body is telling you it’s time for a break. If you don’t take the break, it could become worse. And no one wants to see that. Maybe you can do just quiet time crafts or whatever the doctor orders. Feel better soon.

  36. Heather said

    June, I wish you all the best and I sincerely hope you get better (physically and emotionally) very soon. I wish I could magically make you better since you are such a lovely person. Stay safe and get well! ?

  37. Peggy said

    Oh, June. I’m so sorry. Your health comes first absolutely. I am battling my own health issues right now (found out I have Meniere’s disease) so I am right there with you. It’s hard to set everything else aside. Heal, mend, take care of yourself, and try not to worry about break-ins, although that’s easier said than done. Make yourself a cup of tea and relax!

  38. Pil said

    One of the reasons why I love to support this site (besides the amazing patterns and basically learning all my crochet tecniques here) is that I love knowing my money’s going to an amazing person. Take the time you need to be at your very best! 🙂

  39. Meg in L.A. said

    I applaud your effort to mend your health — physical and emotional — before continuing on with business. I do know what you are going through re: stress & illness & PTSD — remember that you are not alone.

    Can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring for PlanetJune!

  40. Betty Hanawa said

    Take care of yourself

  41. Simone said

    Dear June,
    I draw my hat before you. Putting one’s health and well being first is a hard decision to make. I’d like to congratulate you for doing so. If you feel stressed out, sick, and drained of energy, it’s essential to see and heed the warning signs. I’m sure the Ravelry group will be a great place for everyone with questions on your patterns, and as you said, you’ll still around a bit.

    Thank you for taking care for your health and happiness, and for a better and healthier 2015!

  42. .: petrOlly :. said

    Get well soon, June! Only a healthy June can provide us all with great new patterns so that’s important for the whole crochet world, too.
    If there’s anything the PJ Ravelry group can help – we’ll do it.

  43. debi said

    sure hope you feel bettter, its the pits being sick. enjoy your time away from the web. god bless you, love debi

  44. Sunny said

    Oh dear! I hope you feel better really soon! None of those are fun independently and to have them all happen at once! I am so sorry for your troubles!

  45. Chrisie (CrochetChrisie) said

    {{{{Hugs}}}} Feel better, recharge and have a great holiday season. Looking forward to seeing what you create when you’re ready to come back. 🙂

    And yes, the PJ Ravelry group is always around for support!

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