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Okay, I can’t spin out the suspense any longer – I have to show you what I’ve made… It seems like there are a lot of Mario or PacMan inspired crafts going on at the moment, but I can’t imagine why nobody has thought to make these before: amigurumi Lemmings!

Gamers of the ’90s probably remember the classic Lemmings video game franchise – those hapless green-haired troops who followed each other in a line and would walk straight off a cliff to their doom if you didn’t create a path to safety for them. It was an original and engaging puzzle/strategy game with really cute music. I used to love playing it on my cousins’ Amiga, and later the tiny black-and-white version on my original GameBoy.

The way to play the game was to assign skills to some of the many lemmings in order to help as many as possible to safely navigate their surroundings and make it through each level. There were 9 different skills:

  1. Walker: The basic model lemming. Walks and walks until he hits a wall or falls off a cliff
  2. Blocker: Stops other lemmings from passing
  3. Miner: Digs a tunnel with his trusty pickaxe
  4. Floater: Falls from any height without damage thanks to his handy umbrella
  5. Builder: Builds a bridge using the boards he carries in his backpack

There were also Digger, Climber, Basher & Bomber lemmings, but I didn’t make those because they didn’t have any interesting props.

crocheted lemmings by planetjune
Please click through to see the full-size image – it looks so much better that way!

I crocheted all the Lemmings using my free Mop Top Mascots pattern, and I improvised their accessories to make them into the appropriate lemming. I crocheted around floral wire to make the pickaxe and umbrella handle, and I made a little stand for Builder’s bridge out of black polymer clay (a crocheted bridge isn’t stiff enough to support a lemming!). I also made a stand out of floral wire for Floater (you can see the base of it in the group shot), so he really does hang in the air.

crocheted lemmings by planetjune
Click through to see the full-size image

It was such a fun project. My favourite parts to make were the umbrella and the builder’s backpack – tiny accessories are just so cute!

Retro-game geek June signing off… Please leave me a comment if you like my Lemmings!

ETA: Just to make it clear, if you’d like to make your own lemmings, the basic lemming body uses my Mop Top Mascots pattern, and you can improvise your own accessories for them!

ETA: Bowing to pressure, I’ve added details for how I made the accessories in the next post

ETA: If you are interested in commissioning any lemmings from me, please see this post! I can no longer take commissions – please see my FAQ for a possible alternative option.


  1. Lemmings… ¡de ganchillo!…

    Lemming caminante, bloqueador, minero, paracaidista, constructor de escaleras… ¡de ganchillo!…

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  4. vian said

    These are absolutely, adorably, nostalgically inspired! Off to buy yarn now. I might even attempt a bomber with a number above its head. (“Oh no!”)

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  10. Hey June!!
    i don’t know how i got onto this page, but i’m glad I did. I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m going tofashion ami eyeglasses for a custom order…
    Floral wire! Genius! Thanks so much for the tip!

  11. I’d love to buy the builder!

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    Remember Lemmings game?…

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  14. JS said

    Thought you might be interested to know that HUNDREDS of these little critters are now doing all sorts of Lemming’y things around the information technology building of Helsinki University of Technology.

    Elaborate practical jokes are a tradition in Finnish technology schools, and the girls crafts club of HUT IT students has apparently been crocheting these things for FIVE MONTHS in secret… best pics I’ve seen of the prank are at and blog of the conspirators chronicling the planning of the “strike” at (but it’s all in Finnish)

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  17. Shaun said

    My gran’s made some a bit like yours – I persuaded her to try them! They’ve come out quite well, I think:

  18. Ariel said

    Do you sell those? I would really love to buy a set from u!!
    Contact me on if interested

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  20. PopoZero said

    They are sooooo cute…
    Brings me far in the past ooohhh yes… 😀
    I just visit “nerdigurumi blog” and i am so happy i am not the only one in the world who love old (and less old) games and amigurumi,so why not marry them together…
    Your lemmings are the cutest thing for a geek-birthday, i think.

  21. judy said

    I enjoyed seeing this on stumbleupon and reading all the other comments that were left

  22. […] after posting the other day about the Shrinky Dinks rings she made) really caught my eye.  Why?  She made freaking LEMMINGS.  Does anyone remember Lemmings?  It was probably one of my earliest video/computer game […]

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  27. Tania said

    Wow, these are amazing! And I love the way you photographed them. I realize I’m commenting on an old post, but just had to!

  28. […] A woollen version of the early-1990s classic Lemmings. Here we can see the Miner, the Walker, the Builder, the Blocker, and my own personal favourite, the Floater. Have also seen a knitted ‘Bomber’ Lemming, which is basically one of these broken up into pieces/scattered limbs (nice!). Get the pattern for these fully intact Lemmings from June Gilbank at Planet June. […]

  29. Yolande said

    Omg !!!! Awesome ! Would you agree to sell some set of those ? They’re sooooooo cute !!!! My favorites one are the blocker and the builder.
    Trust me, I really enjoyed my visit in your world of nature-inspired crochet. Thanks so much for sharing. And please let me know.

    • June said

      Yolande, I’m afraid I can no longer accept commissions for crocheted pieces, but please see my FAQ for a possible alternative option :)

  30. Henk said

    Awesome, great memories of this classic game, and since my wife picked p crochet, I regularly look for patterns for her to try. These Lemmings would be great, I’d love to have one in my car, or on top of my computer screen.

    What is needed to make those? And once again, nice job!

    Greetings, from the Netherlands

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