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Fruit Bat (Flying Fox) amigurumi crochet pattern

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This pattern worked up GREAT, except his nose. I feel like the nose in the pic didn't quite work the same way as the one in the pattern. I counted one less row in the picture than I did in my work-up, so I re-crocheted it, thinking that I had done it wrong, but he just came out silly. :(

I would like to also add that this could be because of my crochet style. Friends of mine have pointed out that I have a different style, and after a conversation with June, we're both pretty sure it's just my odd crochet style. :)

Even though he's still adorable with a bigger nose, I feel like he's going to get made fun of by the other bats. LOL

*Easy to read.
*Fast work up (about 4 hours with breaks).
*Great optional bits for bending wings.
*I'm not crazy about the nose in MY work up, but again, this is probably just me!
Date Added: 09/30/2010 by Amanda M.