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Gecko (lizard) amigurumi crochet pattern

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Pro: I had a lot of fun making my gecko. Even the bulgy bead-eyes I always use look good, as they are hidden under the lids. Thanks to the wired legs you can bend them so the gecko stays firm and flat on the ground.
Contra: Make sure you stick the wires through the body before you stuff your gecko - at least I had to do so as I always crochet very tightly and wasn't able to even move the wires after the body was stuffed! It was my first "wired work" and it wasn't easy (but it has nothing to do with the pattern which is as always great and helpful).
Another contra ;) -- I wish I could crochet left-handed, because I would SO like to have another gecko with his tail bend to the right (as on the picture) - in the right-handed version the tail bends to the left (I can tell you - this was a very nice surprise to see how this shape comes from under my hook - great design feature!).
Date Added: 08/09/2012 by Aleksandra S.