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The Punchneedle Handbook - an Embroidery ebook by June Gilbank

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I have been a planetjune subscriber for a long time and I had never heard of punchneedle before. I wanted to try something new because I can't knit or crochet for too long because I have a joint problem, I decided to buy the book and try it out after I saw the blog posting about the punchneedle butterflies. I really want a pattern for the butterflies she's making.

I really enjoyed the book, the tips and tricks were helpful to troubleshoot issues. I did think the book was going to be longer, she did a really good job giving the information quickly with pictures, I was I think, expecting more of the usual much longer how-to book. I've actually read the book several times and plan on referencing it a lot as I continue trying punch needle. I haven't tried the pattern I bought with the book (frog) but I will be doing that soon.

I think the pictures were the most helpful for me, being able to see step by step how it looks on the front and back, at multiple angles, in the middle of the project and at the end was really nice. I kept thinking my project wasn't working right, but the front is much more forgiving then the back. Partially finished project pictures are very reassuring when trying a new craft, helps get over that, uh oh this isn't right, feeling.

I definitely recommend the book if you've never tried punchneedle, or if it isn't coming out the way you want. Just don't be surprised by the length, there is a lot there, without the filler that some books have, it's short enough you can read it a couple times to get everything out of it, and then use it for reference later.
Date Added: 08/05/2014 by Adrianna H.