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African Violets crochet pattern

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I purchased this african violet pattern, last year, while sitting in my hotel, in WA. while visiting my grandmother who had suffered a bad stroke. I made it for her, while up there in just 2 days. Her most favorite plant was an african vilolet, and she had many beautiful real plants. As of yesterday, she is ready to go into hospice. not doing well at all, and ready to be with the Lord. I take solace in knowing that she was able to look at her crocheted african violet, for the past 10 months, and think of me. I am not able to be with her in her end days. I will be making one for myself, to sit on my window sill over my kitchen sink, so I can remember her all the time. THANK YOU for this wonderful pattern. It means the world to me.
Date Added: 08/27/2010 by Heather D.