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PocketAmi Set 3: Halloween - three amigurumi crochet patterns

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I am PUMPED about my witch, ghost and kitty. While the patterns are easy to work up, it's even easier to spend an hour embellishing them! SO many things can be done to these after they're finished.

The witches hair instruction was awesome! I knew exactly how to get the yarn to stay and how it would look if I did or did not decide on curls. The brim of the hat was okay... I didn't get it on there just right via the pattern, so I just crocheted it on instead, using the same number of stitches. (User error, not anything against the pattern. I am NOT good at adding pieces.)

The ghost is very similar to the Snowman in the Christmas PocketAmi set and works up great. The worst part about him is deciding what kinda mouth you want for him.

The kitty works out great. I think you could make this in any combination of colors for children to carry around in any season. Tail tip: If you work the first row of the tail with your starting needle size, and swap hooks to a smaller size on the 2nd row (not technically a row), it'll CURL!

Have fun with these patterns. They are MORE than worth the price!
Date Added: 09/30/2010 by Amanda M.