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Temperature Snake amigurumi crochet pattern and workbook

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I was very impressed with both the pattern and the accompanying workbook. The pattern itself is clear and straightforward but it is the workbook which sets it apart. It has clear and very well illustrated instructions for setting up your project, working out temperature intervals, colour suggestions, links to useful websites and interactive worksheets for laying out your data so that it is difficult to go wrong with your snake. I found it all very useful particularly the fact that you can type your own data and don't have to bother printing anything. I also like the instructions for not having a step when you change colour - I know the technique but can't remember it and always have to look it up so this saves me bothering. The pattern and workbook are good but these add-ons make them extra special and I keep finding extra little details.

I have set my project up, chosen colours, ordered my yarn and I am looking forward to starting. So far this pattern and workbook have been very helpful and well worth the money.
Date Added: 04/04/2024 by Jane B.