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Snake Collection - FOUR amigurumi crochet patterns

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Beautiful design and well-written (as usual!) pattern:

The shaping on the head and the tail are what distinguish various snake patterns.
Snakes are 90% tube/danger-noodle, so it is the head and tail shaping that make the difference.
June's attention to shaping detail here is what sold me on this pattern set.
The color variations, however, were a strong second seller.
You can do any of these four color combos as is, or use them as jumping off points for customizing your own snake patterns.
You can also increase the number of repeats to easily make your snake as long as you want.

There are 13 pages of well written instructions, with detailed photos and instructions unique to each snake pattern.
Every detail is covered; and is backed up by June's extensive collection of free how-to instructions and videos if you need them.
In addition to the written instructions, for visual learners there are charts for the spotted snake.
The other snakes don't really need charts because the color changes (if any) are per round.
For folks who print patterns, there is general all-snake prologue and epilog material (such as for the tongue),
and each snake's pattern is self-contained and starts on it's own page, so you can print just the parts you need to take with you.
If you are familiar with June's other patterns, this one continues her standards of clarity and excellence.
If you are new to June's patterns, you are in for a treat.

This pattern collection was released at the same time as the Temperature snake pattern and June came up with her Ultimate Stripe technique for getting perfect seam-free stripes for both.
June's attention to detail is what sets her patterns apart, and it really shines here.
(The Ultimate Stripe tutorial is free, it's part of her ever growing library of free blog and video tutorials used in her patterns.)

Review is based on making the Unmarked snake (1st of the four options).
(I bought this pattern set as a combo pack with the Temperature Snake pattern, reviewed separately.)
Date Added: 01/29/2023 by Douglas P.