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Tortoise & Simple-Shell Tortoise, Turtle & Terrapin: 2 amigurumi crochet patterns

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First... adorable! freaking adorable! even without the shell! Second... Great bundle of this cute tortoise, turtle and terrapin- which ever you decide to make! Not ready for the shell(which is easier than it looks!) try the simple shell! Third...amazing pattern detail! Like whoa! There was so much information--well written information- but loaded, and easy to follow provided you don't rush ;) straight forward, read everything through and get stitch markers(or scrap yarn) Kind of reminds me of June's Sea Turtle, but so much easier! (And I love the Sea Turtle) I really like how the shell pieces are made and then joined together as you work on them. I love the unique detail to the simple shell and the Terrapin "beak"! so many options! Go slow, steady, read and mark, and you will have this adorable fantastic creation in no time! Absolutely love this pattern! HIGHLY recommend!
Date Added: 10/24/2020 by Monica B.