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PocketAmi Sets 1 & 2 - SIX amigurumi crochet patterns: Mouse Pig Bird Bunny Sheep Dragonfly

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I really enjoyed making these patterns. Since the amis are so small, they can easily use up any scraps. I used the bunny to finish up my variegated brown, and still had some left over.

What I found to be another HUGE plus is that you can use 9mm eyes on these amis, which adds to their cute, chibi look. No need to buy other eyes than the typical ones I use for June's patterns :)

One last thing that makes these amis so great is the tails. They are made by using the ending yarn of the pattern, unlike in patterns I've done from other sources that involved making a chain and then attaching it to the ami, trying to figure out how to weave in the ends. No so here, as June's already figured that out for us :D
Date Added: 08/12/2012 by Carrolyn A.