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Horse, Unicorn and Pegasus - THREE amigurumi crochet patterns

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I just finished my second wing for the Pegasus. I am continually amazed by June's skill in creating lifelike crochet pieces! Her use of simple stitches to achieve the scalloped and delicately curved wing edges was pure genius.
Just a note to anyone making these: keep your tension loose! Especially your four sc in the ring. This will help a lot with the first few rounds. Also, keep your tension relaxed throughout! My tension on the first wing was far to tight and my hands hurt after. This morning I made the second, keeping my stitches relaxed. Not only did the wing take less time (I'm using a metallic yarn and looser tension meant easier to get my hook in the stitches and less snags on the metallic thread!) but it looked much nicer AND my hands didn't hurt! The difference in the wings sizes was over 1/4"! So I will be making another with the looser tension so they match.
Wish I could share a pic to show the difference.
Date Added: 06/19/2016 by Jana H.