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Fuzzy Bear amigurumi crochet pattern

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Giving this a 5/5 because, after some trial and error (which was mostly due to my inexperience with eyelash yarn rather than issues with the pattern), it made an INCREDIBLY cute bear that feels just the right size and proportions and I'm super in love with it! I feel more confident working with eyelash yarn now - I'd recommend using the tips PDF that comes with the pattern for guidance and trying out some stitches before starting on the bear itself (or maybe starting with an arm)

The tips PDF that comes with the pattern says to crochet loosely - do it VERY loosely! It helps you see where to put your stitch and pick it up without snagging the fuzz.

The tips PDF was very helpful, the only problem for me was that I first thought "back loops" meant "inside loops" because it was the back loop when looking from the outside, but I realized that "back loops" meant "outside loops" when crocheting from inside because the tips PDF said that turning inside out yields stripes from the front loops (the picture of "working from the inside" was a bit unclear about the back loops I thought, but I think it was my fault and not the picture's that I made the error). The tips pdf also gives tips for undoing stitches, and they work especially well when you've crocheted loosely.

Overall, it made an adorable bear and I learned to use eyelash yarn after only a little difficulty. Great purchase!
Date Added: 08/04/2014 by Juliana V.