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Snow Star Ornaments crochet pattern: 3 unique designs

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June has come out with a clever Christmas design that you won't see anywhere else. I got this pattern mainly for the snowflakes. Very easy to memorize snowflakes patters made with worsted weight yarn. I've made one star so far. Looks like it can't possibly work, but it does in the end. June has very clear instructions and pictures to help. There are charts for both left and right handers in the pattern. The chart do help on the snowflakes. I'm not even that great at reading charts. There is also instructions on stiffening the snowflakes and attaching to the stars. You get to play with glue again like in elementary school. :)
So if you haven't tried one of her patterns, go ahead. You won't regret it.
Date Added: 11/29/2015 by Alicia B.