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Baby Bunnies 1 & 2 - SIX amigurumi bunny crochet patterns

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These patterns are quick and easy, and always produces adorable results. They make great gifts, and they work up so quickly that your house will soon be covered in bunnies!

The different patterns within this set provide a great introduction to a number of different techniques. The single-coloured bunny is a great starting point for beginner crocheters, while the other bunnies provide introductions to a number of more complex techniques. The angora bunny features brushed crochet, while the pointed, blaze, and dutch bunnies use colour changes, from the easy, simple colour work of the pointed bunny, to the intermediate techniques used in the blaze bunny, to the more complicated markings on the dutch bunny. With clear instructions that walk you through every step, new techniques are easy to master!
Date Added: 04/13/2015 by Zoe R.