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Meerkat amigurumi crochet pattern

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I LOVE this pattern! I love how the meerkat is standing too! everything is so cute about him! and realistic! his head and body are all one piece which is great! I love how his shape is crocheted right into the work! It's a little intermediate with the color-work, but with careful counting, and paying close attention, his markings are very simple to make! How the rows are set up in the pattern make the color-work even easier to follow! The tips/photos are great for helping your creation look just like the picture! and the shape of the arms is so fun! seriously, I did an "ahh, coool!" when I worked up the first one! Assembly is simple with all the step by step photos to help know the placement of each piece! Another amazing design! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I LOVE him, June! Thanks!
Date Added: 05/21/2014 by Monica B.