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Sloth (Three-Toed) amigurumi crochet pattern

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A friend had mentioned loving sloths, so when I had the opportunity to create a thank you gift for a favour she had done me, I looked around for a crochet sloth pattern. I found several, but Planet June's was more realistic and had the advantage of being poseable in multiple ways. I enjoyed working the pattern. The colour changes are not overly complicated, but create an interesting, realistic face. I particularly liked the muzzle. It is simple but it adds exactly the right amount of dimension. I was a bit apprehensive about jointing the arms because I had never done this before, but the instructions are very clear and I had great fun posing the finished sloth in multiple positions: hanging from two legs and four legs, hugging a vase, sitting and lying down. As with any PlanetJune pattern, the online support videos smooth the process. I love learning new, interesting techniques. At the end of it all, my friend was in ecstasy when I gave it to her.
Date Added: 09/23/2016 by Nancy F.