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Magic Lamp crochet pattern

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I LOVE this lamp! I give this about a medium difficultly as you have to PAY ATTENTION not just like with normal amis but CLOSELY! the shaping of the lamp is so precise that it is made from different rows of different stitches(number, count, increase, decrease, not the stitch type) it is very neat to see the lamp take shape in the way June has created this pattern. The handle made me shake my head in amazement at how detailed it looks but it is truly simple to create! and for the handle the pictures and description that go with the technique are very well written. The newest stitch seen in a PJ pattern is described very well and with it’s use in the base and lid make them unique. Those two pieces seem a bit over-whelming to begin with, but just breathe, take your time, and look back to the pattern/pictures/stitch, every now and then, and you will have a magically created piece. (and June has even added a simple lid/base version if you prefer!) I do not just say this because I have made over 500 amis, I say this because I, too, had some human issues with “paying attention” After I figured out what I was doing, I took my time, repeat after repeat, checking my work, and made it though without frustration. Thank you June, this is an amazingly unique piece and I love it! Very CLEAR, well written instructions! HIGHLY RECOMMEND for a unique crocheted piece!
Date Added: 01/24/2014 by Monica B.