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AmiDogs German Shepherd (Alsatian) amigurumi crochet pattern

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I definitely *love* this pattern. It's also one of my most favourite dog breeds (although I am really a cat person).
I made his belly brown though - a change which I wouldn't really recommend, as it requires not only a neat colour changes but also a straight line... Or you'll get an uneven spot (more natural?) ;)
My favourite feature of this pattern is the nose - very easy and it gives the dog his personality :)
And you can pose him! Mine looks like playing/waiting for a ball to be thrown at him :) (lowered head, body shifted to back and all legs bent forward - it's crocheted as the pattern says but "squeezed" by hand afterwards and he stays this way!).
Date Added: 08/09/2012 by Aleksandra S.