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Baby Bunnies - three amigurumi bunny crochet patterns

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I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS PATTERN!!! As soon as I saw the bunny pictures on June's blog, I was absolutely ecstatic!!! I had previously looked everywhere for a realistic bunny pattern, but hadn't found anything that looked promising.

As soon as I bought the pattern, I was immediately swept up in a colony of bunnies - I just couldn't stop making them! The pattern is SUPER easy, even with the odd increases and decreases needed for the shaping. June explains the concepts needed so well, such as the entire page devoted to explaining angora bunny-brushing techniques! I'm also really glad that, unlike some other designers, June always pays great attention to important details, such as: where to put the eyes and ears, and where to put the feet so the bunny doesn't flop forward or look like it's pregnant (I speak from experience from my own attempts at designing a bunny pattern... did NOT turn out well :P ) Most of all, I love the fact that the bunny pattern is so easy to customize to look like your own bunny.

Everyone I make bunnies from this pattern for loves the results. This pattern will DEFINITELY become my last-minute birthday present pattern! Thank you SO MUCH for yet another wonderful pattern, June!!!!
Date Added: 12/30/2012 by Emily W.