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Baby Bunnies - three amigurumi bunny crochet patterns

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Dear June, many many thanks for this adorable and well-written pattern!

This one didn't even make it on my wish list - I had to get this pattern *at once*.

As always, the description is very precise, easy to understand and to follow, with many pictures backing up the written instructions. There are few designers (from my experience) taking the time to show precisely where exactly to put feet, eyes, etc., so I don’t have to try on my own too much.

In most patterns, it’s simply: “Attach eyes”. But - WHERE exactly please? I really appreciate to have guidance in this question. Some crocheters may have a natural “knack” for these things; I don’t.

I made the lop bunny so far, but also the descriptions for the other two are really well written. If you prefer the Angora, the pattern instructs you exactly when to care for the fluffy look.

I highly recommend this pattern. With a Planetjune pattern, you get very good results, and - I can't stress this enough - the highest quality of instructions!
Date Added: 02/23/2012 by Simone N.