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AmiDogs Basset Hound amigurumi crochet pattern

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June is absolutely brilliant, what a talented pattern designer! Her patterns are the best I have ever come across. I worked on this little dog a few days ago to make a companion for a crocheted doll and he turned out perfectly! The attention to detail is impressive, from the droopy eye detail to the color changes. The color changes are so well done in this pattern that the finished product doesn't have the "choppy" look and feel of many lower quality patterns.

The pattern itself was incredibly easy to follow, and very detailed with useful pictures and helpful tips. I really liked the detailed instructions for placement when sewing the pieces together - something that is missing or poorly done in many patterns. I believe that really helped the pattern come out the way you want and expect it to, they way it looks in the picture. Do you often finish a project and find you're a little disappointed that it's not what you thought it should look like, or doesn't look as good as the one in the picture? Well, I'm pretty sure that will never happen with June's patterns because of the excellent detail in her instructions!

There were a lot of color changes necessary to complete this pattern - something I don't have a ton of practice with - I would have really liked it if there were some tips or instructions (or even a link to good instructions) on how best to work with different colors in this pattern - there are so many different methods I found online that I didn't know which one would work with this pattern - I had to do some experimenting (and ripping out) to get it to look right.

I was thrilled with this pattern overall!
Thanks June for your brilliant work! I hope to collect all of your patterns eventually!
Date Added: 05/10/2012 by Sarah H.