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Plumeria DONATIONWARE flower crochet pattern

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If you didn’t make June’s plumeria yet, you *must* try it. It is a very quick project, with magical (but still very easy) assembly and the result is stunning :) The assembly magic really works :)
My favourite version of PlanetJune’s plumerias is the solid colour one :) Using thin or doubled yarns (as I did) may be a bit bothersome for the two-colour flowers. It is important to pull the yarn ends tight so the centres look as they should - it is possible!
The only problem I see (especially when making the solid colour ones) is the direction in which I am supposed to rotate the petals to finish the flower. My solid plumerias tend to be rotated in the anti-clockwise direction. I don't know why :) But, either way, the flowers look great :)
Date Added: 07/02/2012 by Aleksandra S.