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Plumeria DONATIONWARE flower crochet pattern

USD $2.00

This is a wonderful pattern for someone starting out with amigurumi, as well as for the more experienced. The shapes are simple and repeated, the projects are small enough that you don't get discouraged half-way through, and they're a great project for children as well as adults. Once you've made one of these flowers you'll know the basics of amigurumi. I suggest making the plain one first, then adding another color in the others. It's really fun how impressed people who don't know how to do this will be with your effort. You can put the flowers in a bowl or you can use them to decorate a hat or a sweater and those are just three of their many uses. You can make them in many different colors. All this for such a small donation! I find with PlanetJune's patterns that the instructions are crystal clear and logical, which is especially comforting for a beginning amigurumi devotee.
Date Added: 08/26/2011 by Gillian M.