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Kingfisher amigurumi bird crochet pattern

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I recently made this for a coworker's birthday. She loves birds. Though I have several different bird patterns, I decided to make this one because I KNOW that June's patterns are the best! I knew I would have no trouble getting it made over the weekend, and I didn't! He turned out perfect and my coworker was thrilled! On a funny note...she is from Germany, and her father there had recently told her that this place they like to walk (that has been devoid of birds and wildlife for some years because of an airport nearby) has been coming back to life and they have been seeing Kingfishers again! They call them something else in Germany, but it's the same bird. This little Kingfisher was meant for Petra for sure! She keeps it here at work near her desk. :)
Date Added: 04/27/2018 by Jana H.