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Diamond Lattice Neckwarmer crochet pattern

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LOVE this pattern! The pattern is simple and addictive!(in a great way!) It has everything you need to make this a personal for anyone(size, length, width). There are written instructions as well as a great diagram! After using a diagram form June's Scalloped Scarf, I was a little familiar with it and just had to keep reading the key on my first Neckwarmer! The first one took a bit of time, but I LOVE IT! The second one went quicker and looked even better!!! I will be making more of these as they would make great gifts for men or women, or children if you make it a litter shorter! The pattern even contains a "how to" wrap it and add buttons!!! Everything you need is included! I HIGHLY recommend this patter for it's unique look and great, simple and easy intructions! Thanks June!!! LOVE IT!
Date Added: 09/03/2012 by Monica B.