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Plesiosaurus - amigurumi dinosaur crochet pattern

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I adore this pattern. It was my first dinosaur and it's worked up like a charm both times I made it. The head and body are symmetrical so there's very little fussing with eye placement and no worry about attaching flippers in the wrong place. The flippers themselves are magical little pieces of work; I've made three sets and never fail to be pleasantly surprised at how the shaping works itself out. With only five parts, this is a really simple dinosaur for anyone not quite sure of their amigurumi abilities!

(Did you notice I've made three sets of flippers but only two dinos? I was able to attach the flippers to the body of a crocodile from another source, creating a mosasaur for my brother--PJ patterns are versatile and spark creativity!)
Date Added: 03/26/2013 by Lissa F.