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Detail Stuffing Tool for amigurumi and plush toys

USD $5.00

These stuffing tools are bigger and "more robust" than I thought they would be - both good things!

Size: They measure 8cm in length so should be easy to toss into your project bag. I thought they would fit perfectly in the small wood needle "tube" thing I have. Unfortunately, the internal height is only about 7cm so I'll have to come up with a different way to keep them safe. For now, floating loose in the zipper pouch of my hook case will work. (And, for the record, had I known the size ahead of time, I still would have bought them - it's just unfortunate for my personal storage solution.)

Quality: I have a plastic tapestry needle that came with some kit and I thought these would essentially be THAT, but with the top "hacked off". Luckily, that is not the case! These tools were clearly *designed*, not just "slapped together". They are plastic so they are flexible, but they are certainly not flimsy. Plus - the colors are great!

Usability: I failed with my first use of these because I forgot you have to twist. I look forward to trying again keeping that in mind. Other than that, they felt good in my hand and during use.
Date Added: 07/06/2022 by Kimberly B.