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AmiDogs Chihuahua amigurumi crochet pattern

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Date Added: 11/28/2019 by Monica B.
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Super cute and pretty realistic for a crochet toy! I mean, it's suppose to be fun too! those eyes!...

Date Added: 04/22/2018 by Betty H.
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The pattern has clear instructions. Using the color change instructions, I was able to customize it...

Date Added: 07/18/2015 by Jaclyn M.
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I have purchased most of June's AmiDog patterns, and they are all wonderful! This pattern is clear,...

Date Added: 07/25/2013 by Sarah M.
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What a great pattern! This was my first time doing color changes in an amigurumi pattern. Following...

Date Added: 01/10/2012 by Chrisie M.
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A+ I especially liked the colour changes in the legs/head that lined up with the body... so much...

Date Added: 08/05/2010 by Heather V.
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Just purchased this pattern -- and in less than a couple of hours I have an adorable Chihuahua!...

Date Added: 05/31/2010 by Kristine T.
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I made this little Chihuahua as a gift and I have to say that I was reluctant to give him up when...