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Tortoise amigurumi crochet pattern

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Date Added: 03/30/2024 by Jennifer B.
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Adorable tortoise. He came out perfectly, however I am starting the bottom shelll for the 3rd time...

Date Added: 12/31/2023 by Ubileoniso A.
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Well written pattern. I made this with G├╝termann Top Stitch heavy duty thread and sew-all thread...

Date Added: 07/28/2023 by Lorna M.
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Love this pattern clear details and easy to follow. My customers loved the results.

Date Added: 06/22/2022 by Leanne G.
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Wonderful pattern, easy to follow and the finished product is adorable. I think I will now be...

Date Added: 12/18/2020 by Sara B.
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I love this pattern! First of all, it has very little sewing, despite the incredible detail. Most...

Date Added: 10/24/2020 by Monica B.
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First... adorable! freaking adorable! even without the shell! Second... amazing pattern detail!...