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Iguana (lizard) amigurumi crochet pattern

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AMAZING! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This unique realistic iguana has PlanetJune written all over it! The pattern is very well written, as is expected with all PlanetJune patterns, and I mean that as in every pattern I have tried, PJ patterns are the easiest to understand. The pattern includes several tips and great photos to help you crochet this realistic iguana! It is full of everything you need from start to finish, in perfect order, to easily create this amigurumi.

The spikes, dew lap and his back legs are my favorite because they are what I notice first, and he could pull off being real! The shape of his head and body are done smoothly through one piece and single crochet stitches!

I have already made three of these guys and love them to pieces! I made a Green Iguana, and then changed the colors to get a Marine Iguana from the Galapogos Islands! :D

He may be my favorite PlanetJune pattern now! Thanks June! He's simply amazing!
Date Added: 03/26/2013 by Monica B.