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Baby Sea Turtle Collection and Applique: FOUR crochet patterns

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Four original crochet amigurumi patterns (Baby Sea Turtle Collection - including Baby Sea Turtle, Hatching Sea Turtle, and Turtle Egg - and Baby Sea Turtle Appliqué) by June Gilbank. They are designed to closely match in size, shape and appearance, so you can mix and match them in a project. Buy the 3D amigurumi collection together with the 2D flat applique and SAVE!

Baby Sea Turtle Collection: Make a family of life-sized baby sea turtle hatchlings, together with about-to-hatch turtle eggs and an adorable baby turtle who is just emerging from his egg. Make your turtles realistic in greys, browns, or greens, or use any colour combination you want to make a sweet toy in any pair of colours!

Baby Sea Turtle Appliqué: Make a realistic flat baby sea turtle embellishment. You can stitch it to anything, and, as an example, it makes a perfect addition to a beach or ocean-themed blanket! This pattern is much faster to crochet than an amigurumi turtle and, with only two pieces, needs almost no sewing or finishing. You can stitch it securely to a blanket (or anything else), and the optional embroidered eyes make it child-friendly and easy to launder.

Yarn: worsted weight yarn 

Hook: US E / 3.5mm

Size: Sea Turtles (both 2D and 3D): approx 4.5-5" (11.5-13cm) long, depending on how you position the flippers. Egg: approx 2.5" (6.5cm) diameter. 

Eyes: 9mm (for 3D turtles only, the optional applique eyes are embroidered)

Baby Sea Turtle Collection:

Baby Sea Turtle Applique:

Turtle Beach blanket by planetjune

Use my Turtle Beach pattern with your baby turtles and make your own turtle blanket!

You can find the Turtle Beach pattern here :)

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Baby Sea Turtle Collection and Applique: FOUR crochet patterns :

USD $11.50  USD $10.50