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PlanetJune Vinyl Sticker

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The PlanetJune online pop-up Crochet Tools shop opens for a couple of weeks, once or twice a year, for you to buy my exclusive Detail Stuffing Tools and other unique and useful tools. Sign up here to be notified when the Crochet Tools shop next opens!

Show your PlanetJune love with a premium vinyl sticker that will stick on any flat surface! Stick it on your notebook, your laptop, your coffee mug, even your car's bumper...

Durable and weather-resistant, your sticker is protected from scratches, water & sunlight. If you put it on a mug or water bottle, it can even safely go through the dishwasher!

Size: 3" (7.5cm) wide by 2.75" (7cm) tall

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PlanetJune Vinyl Sticker :

USD $2.00