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Tapestry Pebble: 6 embroidery needles in a flip-top storage case

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Finally, the perfect way to store your needles so you won't lose them!

The stylish flip-top Pebble container is smooth and flat and easy to slip into your project bag, but large enough not to be mislaid. Each high quality needle slides into its own space in the Pebble, so it's easy to see if you've forgotten to replace it after use. 

John James is an English company with a well-deserved reputation for making the highest quality needles. I've used John James embroidery needles exclusively for over 20 years. I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered the Knitters Pebble (for assembling my amigurumi) a few years ago, and since then I've used only Pebble needles for all my sewing and embroidery needs, and I haven't lost a single one, thanks to the pebble cases. They are a pleasure to use, and I highly recommend them!


Whether you're stitching features onto an amigurumi or enjoying a relaxing embroidery or cross stitch session, high quality tapestry needles make all the difference. The slightly rounded tips slide between your fibres without damaging them, giving a smooth finish to your work. 

The lavender tapestry pebble case contains an assortment of 6 tapestry sewing needles ranging from size 18 to size 24.


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Tapestry Pebble: 6 embroidery needles in a flip-top storage case :

USD $5.00